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Originally Posted by Crickethare View Post
You could try something involving "Chain" for Labuschagne and Pucovski is probably easier if you have a Northern English accent and can start with "F...offski" ?
Hard to beat the old classic of "he's got the sandpaper in his hands" for Warner, the Barmy Army will be rolling that one out next summer if he's still there.

Originally Posted by Sir Coolerking View Post
I'd be surprised if the Barmy Army are allowed in. Doesn't look like Australia will reduce the 2 week quarantine in 2021.

I had pondered going (I've got loads of BA Avios to use) but won't be bothering this time.
The Barmy Army probably wouldn't mind a 2 week hotel quarantine if they had an outdoor bar and a pool where they could all get together and sing.

Wouldn't be much fun for the other guests there though.
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