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While there is a lot of talk about how Kohli's absence helped this side, but I think what he and Shastri did with the team definitely has played a part in the fighting quality within the team.
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Gavaskar said a big part of India's success in this series was the BCCI organising tours for the India A teams to give their young players experience in Australian conditions and other overseas conditions along with the IPL where they mix with overseas players.

That's why their young players like Gill, Siraj, Pant and Washington can come in and perform in Australia against Australian players straight away.

They are familiar with the conditions and the players and aren't intimidated like they might have been in the old days back when Sunny played.
Although India still lost heavily the last time they toured England, the score line flattered England a little. Other than the Lord's test, the matches were hard fought (look at the marginal differences in first innings scores). There was a marked change in the competitiveness and toughness of the Indian side, especially the bowling, compared to 2014 and 2011. I wouldn't be surprised if the 2021 vintage emerges victorious, although the back to back nature of the two series presents a new challenge for both sides.
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