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Originally Posted by Sir Virgs and Zamora View Post
Is there talk in India about that? I wrote something flippantly here which was a not too well hidden dig at KP who was dropped although still being one of the best six batsmen because he was more trouble than he was worth with his “me me me me” attitude. Kohli strikes me as similar so maybe the sum can be greater than the parts?
Lot of people are claiming it as a victory of Rahane's captaincy, and they are all correct in claiming that. A fair amount of them, though, do it by deriding Kohli at the same time. I am not a great fan of Kohli's captaincy, or even Shastri's coaching, but they have been working together for a while, and the bloody mindedness of the team is something which I'd attribute to Kohli and Shastri as well. Where Rahane made a change was probably in staying calm out in the middle, thereby not exerting additional pressure on the fielders and bowlers. What not many spoke about is how he flattered to deceive in most innings and just couldn't convert his starts except that one century.
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