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India have provided England with a pretty handy blueprint in how to beat Australia next summer. As good as Hazelwood & Cummins are and will be, if you can blunt Lyon and attack Starc then it leaves them with too much to do. If this series went into a fifth test I think one of those two would have broken down if not played at all. On the batting front, you just need one or two who can hang around, regardless or scoring rate, and then a middle-lower order who can counter-attack and capitalize on a tiring bowling unit, which England have in Stokes/Butler etc Australia's inability to post large totals at home against a green bowling unit despite having two bats who average 60 is just kinda baffling, and will be on their minds. As spirited as India's bowlers were in that last test, surely the likes of Wood, Broad, Anderson, Archer ect will pose more questions/problems?
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