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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
He's never fit the identikit ECB player model. Genuinely can't believe the ECB make the same mistakes over and over. This has been blown way out of proportion.
Strauss should've just said: 'I don't care, it's not an issue' about the Bairstow thing and then we could've just go on with being ***** at the cricket. Instead it's all gone kaboom and now Duckett has been hung out to dry. If there really is an issue with senior players/drinking culture then grow some balls and sort them out properly rather than half-arsing it and then punishing a Lions player for making Jimmy Anderson interesting off the field for once.

Duckett should just hit the T20 circuit and make his money as the England set-up has done nothing but **** him up since Bangladesh last year.
Originally Posted by High Druid Nathan Barley View Post
I'm fully aware of his thinking, which merely underlines the point that he's an idiot.
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