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Originally Posted by drumking1088 View Post
Weathers not helping us in the LV. A bit mystified over the ECB's deicison to allow us a rematch against Worcestershire, even though there were other games in the country that were affected by the weather.
It's a good and fair decision to replay, in the circumstances. Yorkshire (Martin Moxon) are whingeing about it, however.

When you consider the horrible state of a ground that had been submerged beneath the Severn, with a brown outfield, how Worcester could say with a straight face that they hoped the ground would be fit for a first class fixture is beyond any reasonable-minded observer.

I realise other counties have suffered weather restrictions in their round of matches, but the situation at New Road was drastically different. Those other venues were properly prepared for play before weather intervened. Worcester was nowhere near ready for play and was probably at least a week of good sunshine away from being so ready.

For certain, Worcester could have been penalised with docked points, but that would scarcely have been fair to Kent, denied any prospect of salvaging some badly needed points in their ongoing relegation battle, but for a measly 4 for the abandonment.
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