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I enjoyed my best spectating of the season today at Chelmsford, as Essex took 13 wickets before tea to demolish Hants. Also in attendance was Geoff Arnold, apparently on a recky for Team England. He can't fail to have been impressed by Jamie Porter, who polished off the visitors' first innings then claimed two more scalps, which would have been three but for a surprising spill in the slips from Westley. Porter probed relentlessly at a decent lick and does seem to possess a pleasing ability to get through batters' defences.

In fairness, the whole Essex attack was on the money, even if Quinn was a little loose at times. And the fielding was top drawer -Abbott attempting a quick single to one of the finest fielders on the circuit just beggared belief, and Tendo didn't let us down.

The only sad aspect of the day was watching Micheal Carberry scratching around pitifully like a club player promoted way beyond his abilities. Dropped in the slips, he played and missed close to half his 47 balls and barely middled one. I sincerely hope his display was symptomatic of Hants' general malaise and not an indication that he himself has 'gone'.

But Essex - wow! Straight through to the One Day Cup semis and now top of the Championship. Something good is happening on the edge of the River Can.
Good luck to Essex. Nice to see a non-TMG riding high.

Amazing that 'Horse' is still going strong. Remember seeing him opening the bowling for Surrey with Peter Loader fifty-something seasons ago!
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