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I recognised him immediately as he strolled past my smoking post. Hasn't really changed much - lean and angular - i reckon he could still hit a length at respectable pace and nibble it away.

Did you get down to Hove today?
No, decided to watch the IPL final on TV (which turned out to be a great decision) - but am going to Hove tomorrow.

Before the IPL, spent the day listened to BBC commentary of both Sussex and Kent games.

Heard a fascinating interview with Leics CEO Waslm Khan who explained why Leics are 100 per cent behind the new English super league.

1. He said under current rules the ECB can abolish any competition without even consulting the counties. One of the conditions that Leics negotiated in return for supporting the new comp is that the articles of assocation are beign amended so that a vote of the counties will in future be required before any comp is changed - so the three county comps are more secure than ever before.

2. He says that Leics intend to invest a sizeable chunk of the 6.5 million the ECB will pay them from the first five years of the new comp. Thus the county will have "reserves for a rainy day" which will secure Leics' long-term future way beyond 2025 and mean that should disaster strike they will not have to turn to the ECB for a bail out like Durham.

It seems Wasim and Leics adopted a far more practical and fruitful approach than Essex and Middx, who opposed in a cynical piece of virtue-signalling to keep a couple of thousand reactionary members quiet and Kent, whose abstention was described by Michael Atherton as "pathetic".
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