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And this is exactly where the similarity lies between the two, with each side labelling the other and refusing to accept that there's a huge grey area. I'd regard myself as a county cricket traditionalist in so far as I fiercely support and protect the most traditional format of the game, which remains my favourite. However, I also support the newer white ball formats probably more prolifically than any other member of this forum. I'm not averse to a new non-county tournament but I am sceptical of the reasons for it, its likely success and the abilities of those charged with making it happen. Maybe, as with the whole Brexit debate, I'm not being given enough credible information?
That's pretty much my position, although I see the reasons for it (the current format doesn't seem to excite TV execs, nor the Asian diaspora who largely ignore county cricket) but I'm troubled by the secrecy around it and don't trust those organising it.

I don't see that there is currently sufficient information to make a decision one way or the other.
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It was a poor innings by Bell with the bat.
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