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According to you, who is the greatest bowler?

We had a lot of discussion on the greatest batsman thread so I thought, why not do one for bowlers? It's still for players from 1970 onwards for the reasons mentioned before. This time round, there will be a couple changes:

First off, you all get a say as to who makes it into the top 10 poll. So post your top 10s, properly ranked, on here. The bowlers with the most nominations will get put into the poll.

Second, make sure whoever you pick has played at least 20 tests and 40 ODIs. Don't worry about the number of T20s and don't worry about the number of ODIs for bowlers before the ODI era.

My top 10 list (nominees) is:

1. Wasim Akram
2. Malcolm Marshal
3. Muttiah Muralitharan
4. Shane Warne
5. Dennis Lillee
6. Glenn McGrath
7. Michael Holding
8. Waqar Younis
9. Curtly Ambrose
10. Imran Khan

Nominations close at some point next week.

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