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Originally Posted by Fatslogger View Post
There's a lot to be said for Siddle but unless the Aussie fast bowling injury plague gets worse rather than better, hard to see Harris and Johnson's retirements opening up a slot for Siddle for that long. Depends on how he does, I suppose, as in there would clearly be a far better chance of him getting 20 more games if he were getting on average 5 wickets per one of them than if he were doing poorly. Even as few as 20 more games would take him well into the Aussie summer two years down the line though, wouldn't it, if not beyond?
He might stay in the side with others getting injured. Now it seems that Starc will be out for a while. Siddle only had a poor year in 2014.

It will also help him if he got the new ball instead of first change.
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