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Originally Posted by Summer of '77 View Post
I wonder what, say, Warner's reaction might be if the oppo slip cordon started making jokes about his mate's death? So long as the comments weren't of a criminal nature, I guess he and the Aussie team would have no choice but to accept them as fair game.
I would think the reaction would be quite predictable. Though if an opposition player were cretinous and devoid of common sense enough, go for it.

The "leave it on the field" slogan is a myth anyway. Having played a lot of sport in Aus, it doesn't work this way. What really happens is that what is found acceptable stays on the field. When someone takes exception there is always the period after play, off the field. It does happen, and always has that risk. Worth taking into account a priori.

Though rarely, usually their own players put someone into line when they are (arbitrarily) going too far.

I thought MacGrath should have sucked it up in the circumstances. I also thought Symonds should have sucked it up, or at least Ricky should have handled it differently, despite the rules (though perhaps not when it is seen as inciting racist taunts from the crowd, as in India).

Never been much of a sledger, but I don't mind it so much. If you're going to indulge it, be prepared, not everyone might have the same appreciation...

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