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Originally Posted by Michelle Fivefer View Post
I'm also a bit unhappy about attitudes to Monty's fielding. He took a straightforward catch yesterday very competently, holding on to the ball rather than casually throwing it into the air - much better in my opinion than risking the view that you haven't got control of the catch. But the way we react is to say, look, Monty held on to a catch. I think we're past that with Panesar by now. He has taken a number of catches and I only recall one important drop. The attitude of the commentators and the public is one of patronising amusement, which I think is misplaced. He's not the world's best fielder but neither is he the worst in the side, he at least does his best with every fielding manoeuvre and doesn't go to sleep in the field.
Excellent post in general. I've highlighted the one bit I disagree with. Panesar has improved a bit in the field and is less of an embarassment but he's still the worst in the side. At least I hope he is. Having someone worse than him would be pretty diabolical.
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