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I think you, and several others on here, need to live in the moment a bit more. Instead of droning on about how we lost to India or scaremongering about the forthcoming Ashes, why don't you try to enjoy England's 200 run win over a team they haven't beaten at home since a dead rubber in 2008?

Until we have a team packed with the modern day equivalents of Garner/Holding/Marshall etc and McGrath, Warne, Tendulkar, Gilchrist, I'm afraid we are going to lose some test matches and series from time to time, and undermining every good performance with whinging about past or future series isn't going to change that fact.

We can only hope that the selectors play the best team we have available for each game and that team does the best that it can, enjoy it when it comes off, and take it on the chin and reassess if it doesn't.
Most heartless decision:

In a women's league match in Denmark, a heavily pregnant woman arrived at the crease, and asked for a runner. Her request was denied, on the grounds that her incapacity had not occured during the course of the match.

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