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Originally Posted by mustardcharlie View Post
Might I just say I have nothing against Broad, Stokes and Anderson. They were innocuous. Stokes got a 50 and sub 10 and Ballance got about the same. Stokes bowled tripe. Dawson? Tell me again why he got picked ahead of Rashid. Mo fully deserved the MoM ahead of Rootster. Yes 190 to his name but I thought his captaincy was rather conservative. Jimmy and Stu were getting it up around 85-87 at times but a lot of it was low eighties.

Given that "there has been some weather about", Trent Bridge should be a serious Test. Bonehead Rabada is sadly out. If the sun comes, the seamers should be rubbing their hands in glee. "Ha, Mr Amla isn't it? I'm sure you know where my first ball is going hehehe"

I also rejoice in kicking Saffer butt. 211 runs is a big win. Other sides will not be so lenient, if we lose 4-6 wickets in a morning session.
I've watched a lot of Broad and Anderson bowling over the years. I would say that bowling in the low eighties is pretty much standard for them both.
Reading the above post may cause bouts of nausea.
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