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Maybe it is just my imagination Rey, but if any of the Kolpaks make a threat of any kind the ECB just seem to rolllover to accomodate them. (KP is a prime example, both SA and Australia had the good sense to send him on his way unlike the ECB). Keiswetter is another example there is supposedly a cutback on Kolpaks but the more they are accomodated the more will come and try their luck).

Why would the inclusion of the Lions be "unworkable" the Counties seem to get by without them for large parts of the season? This would only be 12 days or so extra.

You seem to be forgetting that the official line is that the Counties exist only to provide players for the "National" team.

Things aren't too bad with me Kim, although I've had a few health problems recently. The reason I have disappeared of the scene, is that someone is STILL postin ont bearsfans that I think shouldn't be there. Also I have become increasingly disillusioned with all things Edgbaston; there is no way that I am paying an extra 10% on top of what was already an expensive membership, to be treated like crap by an ex polo player. Oh and I forgot the 10% also entitles me to sit in a building site with no food or drink available for large parts of the day.

Therefore I will be watching most of my cricket at KIdderminster, Worcester, Harborne, Moseley and Kings Heath...almost anywhere except Edgbaston.

Hope things are good with you. (Are you enjoying the new regime at the Boleyn Ground)? It sounds as if all that has changed is the venue they are still coming out with same old rubbish: trying to con someone into providing them with a new ground and get other people to finance the place.
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