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SA/India serve up competitive series? SA were humiliated in India last time out, wasn't it like 4-0? In terms of the day to day play, England have been more...erm...competitive if that is the word, in Aus than SA have been in India or vice verse.

Also, let's not read too much into Kohli's average in SA, as it took into account just 2 tests before this one. That is nowhere near a good enough sample size.

Anyway, I don't understand criticisms of Sharma being selected considering his last 3 test innings have been a century and 2 50s. Yeah I know he isnt as good outside of the sc but not many modern Indians batsmen are.

Pujara, however, is the man who holds the key. Imo he has been the best Indian test batsman for 12 or so months and if he can go on and get a score and be supported by the remaining batters, India can get themselves back in the game.

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