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Archer himself doesn’t know when he’ll be available - he said he’s not sure if it’s 2018 or 2022. Eligibility rules should not be that complicated!
According to a BBC article on Tom Curran:

"Born in Cape Town, Curran is the son of former Zimbabwe, Gloucestershire and Northamptonshire all-rounder Kevin.

Spotted by former Surrey captain Ian Greig, the brother of ex-England skipper Tony, Curran moved to England to attend Wellington School in 2012.

Curran remained at Wellington and made his Surrey debut in 2013, qualifying to play for England on residency grounds in 2015"

it would appear that there is a three year residency qualification, so that Archer should be qualified before 2022 maybe 2018 if he arrived permanently in 2015.

ETA it appears it is age dependent. Curran may have been fast tracked arriving school age. From Cricinfo quoting ECB rules:

"The key provisions are as follows:

(i) All players who are already qualified for England will remain so - provided they continue to meet the existing regulations.

(ii) All players who begin residence in England or Wales before their 18th birthday will need to complete a residence period of four consecutive years.

(iii) Players who begin residence in England or Wales after their 18th birthday will need to complete a residence period of seven consecutive years."

If Archer arrived after he was 18 years old, he may have a long wait.

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