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Originally Posted by 1000yardstare View Post
Anderson would be better playing ODIs so that he gets enough bowling. Less overs will result in injuries as he is used to bowling 500-600+ overs a year not 330/350 overs. Even county bowlers bowl about 500 overs in a season. Broad is fine however many overs he bowls.

He especially needs overs before a 1st Test.

Before NZ 0 overs for 3 weeks - 6 at 43.00
Ashes 0 overs for 5 weeks - first 2 Tests 3 wickets at 71.00
UAE 85 overs with Lancs - 13 at 15.61
SA 0 overs for 8 weeks - 7 at 43.00
SL 115.5 with Lancs - 18 at 7.72
I disagree. Anderson and Broad should take no part in ODIs this year. We will need their experience in the winter if we are to win in India. By all means give them overs for Lancs/Notts and keep them match fit, but the younger guys should be doing it in the shorter forms of the game. Woakes, Finn, Ball, Stokes (if fit) etc. Not saying Broad and Anderson are past it but we do not want a team without experienced seamers when they retire. As they probably will after the next Ashes. Very few seamers can still do the biz after 35. Save them for some Aussie bashing, I say. One last time. Woakes bowled like a young Jimmy in the last test. Sometimes sparkling sometimes awful. Finn and Stokes can be devastating on their day.
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