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Originally Posted by slowest_bowler View Post
Interesting that Swann batted at number 7. I wonder if Newell is trying to do what he did with Read when he promoted him to 6? Or perhaps it was a bit of clever psychology, aimed at getting a positive reaction from Ealham and Franks, both of whom have a better first class average. If so, it worked a treat.
I think the former. I recall Newell saying at the end of last sumer that Swann and Broad would bat up the order a bit this season to showcase their all-round abilities to England. We'll probably see Swann and Broad at 7 and 8 when available. 9 is really too low for Ealy, but if you're the last specialist batsman and see Mark Ealham striding out to the crease at the fall of the 7th wicket, you're gonna be a fairly happy bunny I'd have thought, and opposition attacks may have to think twice about running through our tail, too.
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