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Originally Posted by Sir Virgs and Zamora View Post
Serious question Micky.

If you could pick one batsman who would it be?
Root or smith?

Enjoy handing out beatings to weaker teams while being embarrassed by the big boys. I remember when England were like that and I did not like it. I much prefer embarrassing Aussies and winning in saffer land.
Rooty or Smith ? To honest I would swallow national pride, and flip a coin knowing that whoever won the toss would be a good pick.
Both Smith and Root are 26yo, have played almost the same number of tests and have similar batting averages.
I am a firm believer in the law of averages and will keenly follow the batting careers of both batsmen in the coming years.

Love it or hate it, the Test ranking system treats every team the same and after some time it does give a fair indication of the teams' performance.
If England were on top of the rankings it would only be met with approval by the England supporters, that's called human nature.
(It is currently running fifth which does seem a bit odd.)

From Wiki -
"The ICC Test Championship is an international competition run by the International Cricket Council in the sport of cricket for the 10 teams that play Test cricket. The competition is notional in the sense that it is simply a ranking scheme overlaid on all international matches that are otherwise played as part of regular Test cricket scheduling with no consideration of home or away status."

............."I much prefer embarrassing Aussies and winning in saffer land."..............

Your judgement seems to be clouded by your intense "dislike" of Australia, and perhaps SA as well.
That's the difference between the Poms and the Aussies.
The Poms seem to get as much enjoyment out of an Australian loss as they get out of an English win.
There are countless examples of this attitude all through this forum which I put down to being an "English thing". I laugh every time I read a comment like that, and feel sorry for the poster as well.
I am glad I don't feel like that, carrying all that spite, resentment and hatred around with me.

When England are playing a test series against SA or India etc. people in Australia don't really care who wins.
We save our energy for the Ashes series, which when played in Australia is the biggest sporting event on the calendar.

Your comments are quite interesting and a psychologist would have a field day analyzing them.
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