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Originally Posted by Fatslogger View Post
Although there wasn't really any bile, just a bit of winding up of Mm after he posted a very strange post talking about envy of Smith and the Aussies, based on really no evidence of such on the thread at all, beyond the odd comment about aesthetics. If anything, CD was more sensible about Smith's merits than usual and Mm's post followed several saying how good Smith is (which is fair enough because he is extremely good). So well done for generating a row about nothing Mm and well done for condemning a position that nobody appears to have taken DL. You can both give SVaZ his straw man back now.
Originally Posted by Mickmac View Post
Good comment fatty, albeit a bit of fact and fiction combined. But you are right, there was no bile, just a bit of fun.
Your comment -

.............."based on really no evidence of such on the thread at all, beyond the odd comment about aesthetics"..............

gave me a laugh, were you tongue in cheek when you wrote that bit ?

I can understand you saying that I posted a very strange post, talking about the envy of Smith and co. and you are well qualified to spot a strange post when you see one -

............"Smith may not be as technically gorgeous as Williamson and Root (who is?)"................

And you guys wonder why I laugh so much ! This place is a goldmine of comedy with a bit of cricket satire thrown in.
Thanks for your entertaining comments.
No offence meant, MM, in my "bilious" comment above. I enjoy a bit of banter with Aussie fans, but don't have it in for you lot at all. I'm a cricket fan foremost, and enjoy seeing great cricketers play no matter where. Wishing you well in your recovery.

Back to the thread topic and speaking of batsmen, it's been felt that the Aussies have a bit of a shortage of top young batsmen coming through yet Burns and Khawaja have had a great Aussie Summer. Do you feel confident that the Aussie batting is looking a bit healthier than it has recently, especially for when you next go on tour?
Reading the above post may cause bouts of nausea.
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