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Originally Posted by D/L View Post
What if Stokes has another succession of poor performances?

The building around thing is spoken of much in the media but is a myth, really.

Performances need to be sustained.
Originally Posted by stevieh View Post
Of course nothing is nailed-on guaranteed. Players can get injured. The thing is that you have to set a direction based on some solid foundations for the team. The best indicators are the players who have performed under pressure already and who have the qualities that are the basis for a successful team.

If you have an established team with a track record of success, such as the World Cup winning Aussies, you know your production line of new players is working and you are not trying to rebuild from scratch, even if certain players will need replacing before the next World Cup. Clarke, Watson and Johnson are examples.
Surely, all players selected have "the qualities that are the basis for a successful team". It is the results that players get that provide the solid foundations. All players go through periods where they do or don't perform under pressure. It seems strange, and not a little unfair, to suggest there is a small group of players outside which we assume no other player should be given the same recognition.

Hopefully, such a dangerously elitist selection policy will never see the light of day.
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