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Originally Posted by stevieh View Post
Most high-performance teams have star players and good solid pros who understand their role within the squad and the eleven, when selected. There is no necessity to instruct players to emulate others, since their performances, leadership and skills speak for themselves.

To a degree the designated leaders are already anointed through appointment to captain, vice-captain and wicket-keeper, who is often the leader of the fielding effort.

I am not suggesting this approach be loudly ballyhooed in the media for dissection by all and sundry.
Well, Buttler's the wicket-keeper, for now at least, so that puts him in the anointment. Do you think perhaps Root and Stokes should be captain and vice-captain?

I think it's entirely possible that people could choose identical XIs but disagree about who to label as the core players! In other words, when it comes to building or rebuilding the team around people, there may be many roads to Rome.

I'm still a bit in the dark about what you are urging the selectors to do -- unless it's to pick the best team, which I think they'll be trying to do anyway.
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