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Originally Posted by D/L View Post
Without the jargon then, decent players throughout the squad.

Should go without saying, really.

As long as there's none of the elitism that seems to have been put forward.
You seem very sensitive about the idea of the "elite". Understandable when it is perceived players have been picked based on past glories and being a good egg from the right sort of family. However, we have to get over this. We need elite cricketers at the top of their games to regain some of the lost credibility in one day cricket.

I believe we also need to make some bold choices right now concerning the team we might envision representing England at the 2019 World Cup. It is really not that far away and we can't afford another f*** up.

That means either backing Morgan to the hilt, or, more likely, jettisoning him pronto. This should be a decision based on his perceived qualities and ability to lead from the front, and not based on perceptions of fairness and his being owed something for standing in the breach after Cook was cut loose so late.
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