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Originally Posted by D/L View Post
Elitism seems a reasonable description of what is being suggested.

Having just had a World Cup, the next is about as far away as it could be.

Of course, the selectors will have opinions on which players may be worth persisting with and which aren't. However, I can't see any of them putting their jobs on the line by saying that some will continue to be selected no matter what, and nor should they.

Not only would it be unfair, it would also be foolish.

"another f*** up" - surely, you meant another unanticipated underperformance situation.
I have already explained what I am suggesting in some level of detail. Elite in terms of performance, preparation, skills and will to win is what England supporters should expect from their team and the ECB. Feel free to outline the alternative you would recommend.

The next World Cup is indeed as far away as it can be, both in terms of time and in terms of England's preparedness, with the team a wreckage. Three and a half years is not an abundance of time to rebuild an ODI squad and to instil the approach so evidently lacking in the antipodes. The selection policy is also in ruins, as evidenced by the last results.
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