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Originally Posted by Mickmac View Post
How old are you, about 12 ?
Every England/Australia Test match is a "must win" match.
If you go back "a generation" which is about 25 years, there have been 15 Ashes series played (since 1989)
Australia has won 10 of those series to England's 5.

Four of those 10 series won by Australia were played and won in England.

Since the 1989 series there have been 43 Ashes Test matches played in England of which Australia has won 19, England won 14 and there were 10 draws.

So the only reason I can think of a "whole generation having no idea what it is like to see Australia win in England" is because that generation were hiding behind the sofa with blindfolds on too scared to look out to see their beloved England being humiliated by the convicts.
The last time oz won in England was 2001. So kids born in 1996 would have no recollection of this. 20 years covers the generation (which will be almost 25 by the next series).

It is similar to me being born in 1979 and the first ashes win down under I was aware of was our demolition job in 10/11 (I don't remember mid 80s)
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