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Originally Posted by Mickmac View Post
..................."I merely pointed out that the youngest generation has never seen Australia win in England."................

And I am still trying to work out why you pointed that out, as it had absolutely nothing to do with the comment I made, that you were responding to.
You did not mention the fact Australia holds the #1 test ranking, or Smith being the highest rated test batsman. Instead you handpick a game that Australia lost badly and posted a link to the story about it.
If I went through the records and posted links to every match that England lost miserably we would be here all night, and you would be reduced to tears.
Then again, if Australia had the same test record as England I would probably be looking for "feel good" stories as well.
Australia are the top ranked team in world cricket but whether or not they deserve it is another matter. Your good on your own patch and have done a good job of beating West Inidies and New Zealand in conditions which are favourable to you, but when you play the bigger teams in their own backyard you struggle much more. When Australia toured England last summer a lot on here were predicting an Aussie win, but like most Test teams at the minute, the current Aussie side is nothing speical.

..............."The last few series have involved Shane Watson Ffs and now the batting relies on someone older than me.".................

You can forget about Watson, he's retired now, (and somehow Australia managed to reach #1 in the Test rankings with him dragging them down !)
and you are dreaming (again) if you believe the Australians rely on the batting of of Voges, who just happened to string some good scores together without losing his wicket too often.
Hope you are not worrying about the age factor too much, as the average age of the current Australian test side is 27, as opposed to the older Poms who average 28.
Australia has two players aged 30 or more (Voges and Neville) and England has four (Cook, Compton, Broad and Anderson)
Voges and Smith are the batsmen you rely upon the most, which is unfortunate seeing as the former was completely exposed against a good bowling attack last summer. I'm not Smiths biggest fan but I'm willing to admit he's a good Test batsman, although scoring runs against NZ and WI is why his average is higher than it should be. You don't seem to have any young batsmen coming through, Burns has done a so so job at the top of the order, but you seem to pinning your hopes on Khawaja, a player I've seen a fair bit of in County Cricket and he looks fairly average.

........."Wouldn't it be fun if England won both series this summer".............

Oh, yes ! That would be jolly well divine !
Are you sure you are 36 ?
Well, if we do win both series we will hold every Test trophy, which is a bigger achievement than being number one in a flawed ranking system. Also, did you see the Masters yesterday? Willett won it, Westwood came second, Matthew Fitzpatrick, Justin Rose and Paul Casey came inside the top ten. Where did Day and Scott finish? I'm sure Willett is happier with his green jacket and trophy than Day is with his number one ranking, which is probably how th Australian cricket team feel when they see and empty spot in their trophy cabinet where The Ashes used to be.

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