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I think the mentality and attitude that Steve wants to foster could be achieved simply by making Root captain.

There are always core players in any side, usually established pros. I guess that with the hopeful clearing out of deadwood we will have quite a young inexperienced ODI side. In the past the likes of Cook, Bell, Broad, Anderson, Bresnan and Morgan have occupied slots in the side based upon their (often undeserved) reputations while youngsters have had to fight for the other places like dogs over scraps. This led to younger players getting only a handful of games, often playing in unsuited roles, before being dropped. If we've truly turned a corner, players like Hales, Stokes and so on will need to be given an extended run to prove themselves, even if nothing in their short international careers might typically warrant such favorable treatment. If that's being a core player, then so be it.
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