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A piece on the boredom that the said flagship of the Cricketing World is generating.
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Ever since the first stages of the world cup waned into the twilight, most of it generated by a dark and gruesome murder.  No I am not talking about when Pakistan was beaten by Ireland and India by Bangladesh, but that of Bob Woolmer.  It’s been curtains for this World cup.  It was supposed to be the flagship of our so loved cricketing world, peace and love and unity as the theme song suggests.  What has emerged are cracks so deep in the very framework of this game that it begs.. nay shouts out doom for a year or two at least. Pakistan and India have been eliminated, sending home the droves of ticket buyers for the crucial matches, the hosts and the upsetters of them all Ireland and Bangladesh have failed to live upto their expectations and the pitches and the facilities have been absolute crap so far.


For what is a world cup without mercurial sides like Pakistan, or batting colossus like India, I will tell you what it is, one heck of a long drawn out boring piece of crap.  Honestly its been raining cats and dogs as well since the super 8’s began, maybe just maybe someone was not thinking straight when they organized these venues? Reserve days and rules on rain are still a mystery to me at least. One match they decide to shift an innings to the next day, the next match they shorten the game to a 22 over silly hit and run affair. To me it appears like someone is trying their best to get the interest back to what it was at the start.


Add to this the compounded misery of people who have traveled to the West Indies and after being fleeced by hotels and locals alike, booking by the week and such trivial matters, have found themselves In a stadium a quarter full.  The locals deciding its better to watch in TV with their own choice of beer in hand, which off course they are not allowed to bring into the stadium because heaven forbid its not ICC approved. Add to this the fact that tickets cost around USD 25 each with the weekly wages of most people being USD 90 in the West Indies, what planning hurrah what achievement!!! Offcourse trumpets have to be issued passes, why how can we have a festival like atmosphere when the cricket is being played in a boring and morbid spirit, Wa Hey the ICC way!!!


Day by day it seems to me like the ICC is out to prove it’s the Microsoft of the cricketing world, they produce events like the said company produces software… long, hogging up unnecessary memory and full of bugs.  In fact their Genghis khan style of rule is by far annoying to most people who have even a remote soft corner for this game.  They are more concerned about what brand of cola the crowds are drinking then to make sure there are any crowds at all to watch cricket. Just make as many bucks as possible and to hell with the game or the fans!!!


So who do I think will win this godforsaken awful competition? At this point in time I really do not give two hoots. It is probably going to be between Australia and England to my guess, South Africa have proved quite recently via Malinga that they aren’t so keen on the killing instinct and New Zeland although looking very ominous will probably play their worst cricket in the semi final and bow out. England should prevail I think, at least I hope they do, this competition needs a positive end… and to me that does not come wearing bale yellow.




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